“The Aboriginal Mentorship Program was one of the highlights of completing my undergraduate degrees at VIU. Being part of the Aboriginal Mentorship program connected me with a network of amazing individuals. I remember visiting ABE classes with another mentor and sharing my personal story of returning to university in an effort to bridge these students from ABE to post secondary courses. I gained so much from this truly powerful experience!”


" It feels like it is part of an extension of our family, in terms of having this big group of students together and rely on each other, build each other up, encourage each other and be there for each other when things are not going so well in their lives or with their studies or whatnot. More and more the students are saying that they love you. And you don’t need to say that but they do say it. And I think that’s such a heart-warming thing.”


"Community Cousins was a warm and friendly environment,supported by our instructors and an elder,where we were taught to become positive and confident role models and mentors. Throughout the course we discussed our ideas and thoughts on strategies that will one day help us help others."


"Community cousins is a great experience! It opened my eyes and truly showed me, what it means to be a great mentor. I have meant many people throughout the training process and gained various skills."