'su 'luqw'a' plans and organizes for certain annual events each year, and comes forward with new and changing events for our students. Below is just a few examples of what our cousins have done in the past years! We are always excited to see what our cousins will bring forward each year!

Celebration of Learning

One of the biggest events that the community cousins organize and facilitate annually is the 'Celebration of Learning'. The purpose of this event is to invite our community partners to bring their students (upgrading, adult learners) to VIU in order to lift up their spirits, celebrate their successes, and share our stories to encourage their continued journey in education!

Health and Wellness Days

The health and wellness initiative came from the mentors and has blossomed into a variety of different projects! The mentors wanted to inspire and promote health within the program and the student community. Once a month, the mentors organize a health and wellness activity for the program. In the past this has taken shape as a cultural event, workshops, outdoors activities and much more. We participate in the Times-Colonist 10k every year and begin our training in January.

Hosting/Facilitating/Speaking at Events

As a mentor, we have many opportunities to share our voice and our story. This is an integral part of the Aboriginal Mentorship program. As the mentors feel more comfortable, they are provided chances to host, facilitate, Emcee, and share their story at events. This gives the mentor skills and experience in public speaking and also the opportunity to travel and meet distinguished people!