Health and Human Services

Nursing Students who intend to work in Canada’s North. Preference to nurses of Aboriginal origin, or who have worked in the north for at least 2 years.


Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards. Must have been out of school for at least year, and have been back in school for a year. $1,000


Dr. Alan Hall Memorial Bursary. Practical nursing student with satisfactory grades $150.


Dr. Andrew Miller Bursary. Home support programs $150.


Health Sciences Association. Any HSA members or their children under 25 in the health services field for aboriginal students $1,000.


Indspire Bursaries and Scholarships. Aboriginal in a health career.


Cowichan Tribes Lillian Charlie and Charlotte Williams and Ts''ewulhtun bursaries. Cowichan members entering a health related field post-secondary one $2000, two $1000.